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My little Gameroom - everybody welcome!


Inserted Coin
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Here an actual shot of my beloved ones! But there is some change coming up shortly, so stay tuned... ;)

(If you should ever come to Switzerland (Bern area), give me a buzz!)



Pinball Nudger
i just would like to say that is AWESOME!!! i have one machine and i am buying another one tomorrow i dont have collection like that but maybe one day mine will be worthy of a picture


Inserted Coin
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Thanks! ...and good luck with your project! Great to know there's another Pinball enthusiast out there! :rockon:


Pinball Player
nice collection - I find myself a little bit jealous lol. I hope to get my second pin table this year, and build my video pin cab in the second half of the year as well if all goes well. gotta figure out how to fit them all in with my arcade cabs of course!


I was looking for a rich, nymphomaniac with a marijuana connection who owns a Farrari dealership, but if YOU adopt me I promise to keep them all looking and playing beautifully and still be happy! Not quite as happy as the nympho dream, but close!
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