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pb nirvana credits


Inserted Coin
can someone tell me what these credits do in relation to posting on this forum?what happens if your credits run out do you have to buy more with REAL $$$ and once you run out of credits you cant post no more?


sXe And Better Than You
Credits are only for the Casino and other games here at PN. No cash involved. Once you run out, you can get a loan - once again, no cash involved but you have to pay interest in credits.

A virtual currency. JPH is planning to add more stuff to involve these.

And posting is only not possible when you're banned.

The McD


sXe And Better Than You
Ho hum... never went too much into the Arcade for that... might want to check that out for yourself... hmm, yes.... *walks away, whistling "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life"*

The McD
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