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Playboy xse VP8


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Decided to play my old game, and noticed several errors due to changes in both VP8 and VP9.

Since it's almost impossible to get the 2 different versions to play nicely, and since VP9 requires a graphics card (I have a built in one) I just fixed it for VP8, and did as much as possible for people who play VP9 (confused yet?)

This is a spare time one, as my son is away for the weekend, and I hate script errors, but also decided to do some quick changes to the graphics to make it a small bit closer to what I am doing now. To bring it up to full standard of the latest xse table would have required extensive work, and I'm not interested in taking the couple months of work just so 200 people can download it like last time.

I will play it a bit, and rebalance it for Ultracade settings in VP8, and will upload it whenever.

here's a screenie, with the warmer graphics:


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