Rat Race (Williams, 1983)

Flipperless Rat Race (Williams, 1983) 1.0

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I'd say this is worthy of a release thread, since I don't believe it ever got posted to PN before. Originally this was released on the late, great VPForums.Com in 2005 by the team of TomB, Gaston, and Destruk.

Rat Race 1.0 (Williams, 1983) - Rat Race Williams

Pretty amazing game, heavily inspired by the classic wooden tilting maze games. Unfortunately it never went in to production, but thankfully, we have VP. This version by TomB, Gaston, and Destruk.

Notes: I had to reset once before the game started working, perhaps to get the NVRAM file generated. When playing a game, arrow keys will tilt the board. You'll be able to tell by the behavior of the ball. --@Ike Savage

What a Rat Race!
Especially when...

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