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[Released] Pinball Creator/Unity Sample Table


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I uploaded a quick and nasty sample table, something I quickly did without reading any instructions or manuals for the Unity engine or the Pinball Creator asset.
You can download the table right here:

This is a self running exe, you do not need Unity or the pinball creator installed.
I just got both of these programs, so you all should understand that fact, this uses just presets available, but have to say despite the problems, it does the job. This is not a mature program by any means, very much at the level of the dogfood additions of VP, and to put it this way, you need to crawl before you can walk.

Enormous potential, this was my first crack, and I didn't know anything, if I did this again, I could have the table from start to uploading done in a couple hours. This is exactly what a lot of people want, the ability to create working tables prescripted and fully working in as little time as possible. There are so few authors for VP and FP, just way to much to learn, so this MAY turn out to be a good alternative for everyone else.

I am writing down my adventures with using Unity and PC, you can find that right here:
Pinball Creator, and my part in it's downfall - Pinball Nirvana Forums

And the real ugly screenshot of the sample table...

BTW Nic, I did figure out how to turn down the brightness of the table, so it's not as vivid as the demo tables.


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I haven't the time till tomorrow to view the video, but yes, the flippers need some serious work there. But, Unity is far more capable than even VPX with physics, there has been several examples of just how good unity can be, so I think any issues can be fixed. I'm working on a FP project now, clearing up things I have wanted to do, but down the road, I am going to learn C and models, and start learning all the ins and outs of Unity, and maybe I can get in contact with a couple people who understand the physics as well.
Well, that's the plan at least, alas, I have a new relationship now, so she has been keeping me very busy at the moment, and making sure I am real happy about it, but do intend to, because Unity just gives me the ability to do things FP and VPX just can't do.
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