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We have upgraded VBulletin and this time, it looks like the attachments were imported properly!
DownloadII has been upgraded and seems to be working.

Previously mentioned here ( this version of VB4 will stop working in a couple of weeks on this server, PHP 5.6 is being removed and VBulletin4 will not run anymore.
We would lose the downloads if we upgrade to VB5 so I'm looking at importing the VB stuff into XenForo, I'm pretty confident that the forums will import properly but am worried about the downloads because it would require a couple of different versions of XenForo to be installed and a older DownloadsII importer to be run.

User Registrations have been disabled temporarily, many user registrations in the past have not received the confirmation email that requires the User to click on a link to activate their account, these were returned because they were automatically blocked by the receiver as spam, many other types of email from the site have also been blocked, like topic reply notifications.


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So far, so good, huh?

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There are currently 105 users online. 3 members and 102 guests

Most users ever online was 4,607, 01-15-2020 at 03:12 PM.
Good to see others are able to login, and wow... that's a hell of a lot of views from just one week ago. Hard to believe that would be due to the update I posted on VPF, or what.

Bot traffic seems to grow ever higher though, so there's that.


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First test post in XenForo 2, we went from VBulletin 4 to XenForo 2 in a bunch of steps and still have the attachments working, I'm still working to set stuff up but let me know about about problems.

The new Downloads section is now Resources at the top, almost 4000 files were imported but the latest uploads (May 2019) were not imported, I tried importing 2 times, the first was a tilted and 0 files were imported. The 2nd time files were actually there but crashed at over 98% progress, I decided to try just upgrading XenForo 1.5 ti 2.x and later manually import the missing files, might be working.

Amazingly, this site is running PHP version 5.6, our old VB version will fail in about a week with a forced php upgrade, this XF version can be upgraded so the manual add of the missing dl's from the old site to the new should be easier now.

New User Registrations are Disabled for now
Damned old smilies are misbehaving!


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Hell of a job. 2 versions of VB, and now 2 versions of the new software in about a week. There is no way this site should be lost, this is vp history and that is the most important thing. 18 years of memory's run here.


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The site is still going through upgrades, all of the downloads that didn't get imported from Vbulletin have been added back!
Currently, most of the files currently have a 4 or 5 digit prefix followed by a - that should be removed before saving, ie: the roms won't work with, rename it to Hope to get this fixed.

User Registration was again enabled last week, we had a problem with automatic blocking by some ISP's of email from the old email address from Pinball Nirvana so some didn't receive a email link to activate their user accounts. I was informed that most of these errors (we don't send spam) have been fixed. These folks should now try to login with their User Name and contact us if you have problems.

Many of the excellent embedded Youtube videos (direct links still work) from the PHPBB, PostNuke and Vbulletin versions have been restored in the forums, there were a lot of format changes over the software and years with some duplicates but some of these go back to 2009!

Corralled a few of the damned old smilies back!

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