Star Wars: Death Star Assault (Ultimate Pro) - PinEvent


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Star Wars: Death Star Assault (Ultimate Pro) - PinEvent (work in progress)

Now that I finally have all the DOF, MX effects, PUP SSF and PUPDMD code mainly done, I thought I'd show off my sweet looking main score display HUD.

Keep in mind, there are NO videos done yet. That comes next...and will look friggin' amaze-balls.

On the bottom left, the image change between Red 5 (Luke), Red 2 (Wedge), Red 3 (Biggs) , Red 6 (Porkins) for Players 1 to 4.

On the bottom right, the image changes for what kind of Bonus multiplier you are currently on (x1 Trooper, x2 Chewbacca, x3 Leia, x4 Obi Wan, x5 Han, x6 Luke)

The top left are total Tie Fighter kills, top right are balls left, middle is your current Power Up Level.

To make this, I recorded cockpit gameplay from Star Wars Battlefront, then created a mask for the cockpit, the composited the masked cockpit video with a looping trench run video. You wouldn't know it was two different video sources. Love how it turned out.

X-Wing Cockpit.jpg

X-Wing Cockpit Mask.png

Cockpit Default.jpg

Now I can "finally" start doing some animated titles and videos. This is going to look awesome!


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Here's a demo video showing the attract mode of the PUP FullDMD.

Before I finish off the very last of my PinEvent update for Star Wars DSA (Ultimate Pro) - Epic Space Battles... I thought I'd throw in a quick couple of cool lighting updates that uses BAM's new flasher spotlights. A few "real" beacons on the back and side wall, and a spotlight on the Millenium Falcon as it flies around.

You can see how HUGE a difference BAM's per pixel real lighting and rendering makes compared to any kind of static lighting. So much potential...and it will only get better. Note: the HUD DMD and FP Videos were turned off for this video demo only.

PinEvent update and PuP-Pack coming very soon! It is very worth the wait!



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Star Wars: Death Star Assault (Ultimate Pro) - Epic Space Battles

PinEvent - Complete PuP-Pack Gameplay Demo

Truly EPIC Pinball!

The wait is almost over! My massive PinEvent update for Star Wars: Death Star Assault (Ultimate Pro) for Future Pinball-BAM is nearly here! (Coming Soon!)

The combination of SLAMT1LT's fantastic table (with my new Epic Space Battles mod) and this explosive PuP-Pack and PUPDMD update make for the most epic Star Wars pinball experience you'll ever see!

This was a crazy amount of work. Complete, DOF, MX Leds, PuP SSF, and PUPDMD (on top of the Epic Space Battles mod).

SLAMT1LT's obsessive attention to detail with audio and timing and many many table events (and loads of FP videos), allows for PuP experiences like no other to be created.

NONE of the videos I created have audio! I have to create all videos and animations and time them perfectly with the table's audio / voice / music... and I scoured through every bit of code to be sure I didn't forget anything.

There's a crap load of content shown, and I go through most of the game and also show Time Attack mod. That said, there's still lots of videos (like the many different drain / end game videos) that I couldn't show.

A bit more still needs to be done (for other pup-pack options...pup stream,etc)... but the wait is worth it!



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Star Wars DSA (UPro) ESB - PinEvent
  • PuP-Pack Options
I finally took a break from my break (VR), and have finished up all the PuP-Pack options for everyone's setups.

I love my FullDMD setup... but damn the other options are looking pretty nice... except for Real DMDs. It's torture trying to make my stuff look good on those in comparison. I'm sure they look much better on the real thing though!

Oh... and on all options, you can change the backglass to 3 different images by pressing the Special 1 button during Attract mode.

Almost there...coming soon!



Real DMD.jpg

Full DMD on BG.jpg

BackBox AIO - Square.jpg

BackBox AIO - 4x3 and 5x4.jpg

PuP Stream - Desktop.jpg


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Star Wars: DSA (Ultimate Pro) E.S.B. - PinEvent
  • Cabinet lighting and gameplay demo
OK... in the finale stretch. Just some final testing and clean up... then the process of uploading... typing up all the helpful relevant stuff that many people will ignore... and then done! I'll probably need to sleep first before doing any of that. :)

While waiting... watch this cabinet demo video.

BAM update 1.5-317:

EVERYONE needs to update to the newest BAM 1.5-317, as this updated table is the first to make use of BAM's new "real" spotlight flashers! So get it done now while waiting. Don't forget to also update BAM Open VR as well if you play in VR!

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Star Wars: Death Star Assault - Epic Space Battles 1.1 - PinEvent


The wait is finally over. My EPIC PinEvent update to my EPIC Space Battles mod is now available!

It goes without saying...

  • read the table download page's Description completely!
  • read the table's Install Instructions completely!
  • read the PinEvent Install Instructions completely!
  • EVERYONE needs to update to the new BAM 1.5-317 as this table is updated to use BAM's new "real" spotlight flashers!
  • if using in VR, don't forget to also update BAM Open VR to 1.5-317. If playing over Virtual Desktop - Wireless PC VR, this table may NOT run well. If so, then you may need to disable PUP Stream
  • note: for PUP Stream there is no Playfield Mini Screen, and there is no Right Apron Card. This is because there is no room for these because the holograms they use will render on top of everything and not look correct
  • there is still the Left Apron Card (which is positioned on the right).
  • if having problems read the above AGAIN, including the PinEvent Install Guide's FAQ!

What else can I say... enjoy!

...and PLEASE post and share lots of pics and videos of gameplay in your cabinets. This is by far my biggest reward for doing this stuff!

Table Resource Page is here (and will have a link to the table and pup-pack):

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