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SUPER flipperless backglass RAR


Scotland 2021!!!
The SUPER flipperless backglass RAR! Some of these are EXTREMELY RARE! Ran across A TON more of these! These are SMALL images but work great in Visual Pinball!!!

Some of these could be redrawn without any or little effort.

Located in the "Early EM / flipperless" AND "Flat or nearly flat backglasses" area!

6.45 MB RAR file named: SMALL backglasses.RAR


1. Bally Zephyr 1937

2. Buckley Pay Day (EXTREMELY RARE IMAGE!)

3. Chicago Coin Commodore

4. Chicago Coin Jolly

5. Chicago Coin Peachy

6. Chicago Coin Sensation of 1937

7. Chicago Coin Skyline

8. Chicago Coin Topler

9. Daval Odd Ball Junior

10. Daval Rajah

11. Exhibit Supply Sunbeam

12. Genco Argentine

13. Genco Band Wagon

14. Genco Bubbles

15. Genco Flying Scot

16. Genco Four Aces

17. Genco Gun Club

18. Genco Jungle

19. Genco Metro

20. Genco Seven Up

21. Genco Silver Flash

22. Genco South Paw

23. Genco Ten Spot

24. Gottlieb ABC Bowler

25. Gottlieb Five And Ten

26. Gottlieb Lot O Fun

27. Gottlieb Maisie

28. Gottlieb School Days

29. Gottlieb Stage Door Canteen

30. Gottlieb The New Champ

31. Jennings Sportsman (yes, this payout machine (one version) HAD A BACKGLASS!)

32. Keeney Cover Girl

33. Keeney Wild Fire

34. Rockola 21

35. Rockola 21,000

36. Rockola Flashlite

37. Rockola Screamo

38. Stoner Air Raid

39. Stoner Armada

40. Stoner Chubbie 1938

41. Stoner Chubbie 1941

42. Stoner Davy Jones (VERY RARE IMAGE)

43. Stoner Hi Stepper

44. Stoner Snooks

45. Stoner Super Zeta

46. United Arizona

47. Victory On Deck

48. Williams Cyclone

49. Williams Highways (NICE image!)

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!!!



PN co-founder
Very nice addition Will. A few of those are on my projects list. I'll have to check out Sportsman, and see if I can use the BG for an update to VP 9 maybe.


Scotland 2021!!!
Anytime John. I'm trying my best to be a "doer" in VP and Pinball Nirvana's community in a whole. I don't think I was like this in the past so it's time to help out, help out, help out!

Glad tomorrow I will have my 3 day weekend and can keep pounding away at my 3 WIP. I want these three projects done by the 23rd so they can be released by the 25th IF possible!

Just trying to be helpful like many other VP folks have been; like Destruk for example. I'm not much of a coder, so I plan on also reading a TON of Visual Basic info and trying it in VP itself. Hope I can learn more than in my past as I did make my own games and learn about 15 programming languages.

As for the Sportsman backglass, it is small, but it seems it had spinning reels! WOW. I didn't really think about that BG until I saw it was for Jennings Sportsman! Blew me away when I found it.

Without further ado - KEEP PINBALLIN' - be it flipperless or not ;)


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