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The Pinball Creator Board FAQ

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What is Pinball Creator?

Pinball Creator is a commercial Pinball Editor that uses the Unity Engine and Editor that allows people to build their own pinball tables. Unlike the freeware editors Visual Pinball and Future Pinball, the main selling point with Pinball Creator is the table builder can use prefabricated parts or entire sections complete with textures and the script needed already included just by dragging and dropping. A fully featured and functioning table complete with all the code can be built in a matter of hours.

Though this program uses the built in Unity Editor, which can be very overwhelming at first to new users, you also can use the full and quite extensive features of the unity engine as well as the first rate physics.

If you are interested in this software, you need to download the Unity engine first (Free for personal use) at this link:


There are multiple formats you can download as the basic install, make sure you select the Windows version as well as any other versions you want (Apple, android etc) Even with several versions selected when I downloaded Unity, it still was over 7 GB, so I would recommend that you start the download just before you go to bed.

Once you have Unity installed in your computer, You can purchase Pinball Creator at the Unity Asset store here:


Note that once you purchase the asset, you can only download your purchase directly through your Unity install. In the main window of Unity, there's a tab for direct access to the store, you need to go to the asset page, you should see the download link there. It will not show on the web. Trying to download through the web will not work, as the Unity installer needs to place the asset in specific locations.

The developers have their own forum at Unity, for help and update announcements. They are very active, as support is very good. The Unity forum is here:


We also have a copy of the manual included with Pinball Creator here at Pinball Nirvana. you can download the manual right here at http://www.pinballnirvana.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=5319

The manual itself will explain how to start using Pinball Creator.

NOTE: With the latest version of Unity, there is a bug with the SHIFT and CTRL keys. To Change the keys, select G_Manager_Game - ManagerGame in Hierarchy tab then choose other inputs like ‘’z'' for right flipper and ‘’/'' for right flipper (the position of these letters are the same on azerty and querty keyboards). (You could find information about how to change inputs on documentation Part 2 page 59)

Here at Pinball Nirvana

Since we at Pinball Nirvana also are learning and using this program, we are offering our resources to others who use Pinball Creator. Since this is a very small community, we have just the one board and a upload/download section, though we can add more as needed.

Membership is required to view images, or to upload or download files. The registration is very easy, you just need to answer 2 simple questions. (We do not use email verification here) You may also have your first post moderated and approved, this is solely to prevent spambots from cluttering up the forum and spoiling everyone's fun. For the most part, register, and start using the forum and downloading sections. All files, images and resources here are free.

Downloads and Uploads

If you wish to download our files (there are not many at the moment) or wish to share your creations, you can do so directly at the tables section for the Pinball Creator Download section after you register.


If you are uploading, make sure you put in the name of the file, and the author, as well as a description of the file. In the Add File section below, you can directly upload the zip file, or link it if you have it on your website. Please note that you can only have one file per posting, this way you can just upload a newer version and it will overwrite the older version. This prevents confusion among members, and any new downloads will always be the latest version.

Adding Images: You need to submit your download first, once it is accepted and in the system, browse into your listing and you will notice that you can add images or screenshots directly. Only you can add files and images, no one else, our limits are very generous so you can usually load full sized images and very large zipped files.

If you have resources, prefabs, or models, you can also use this section for the time being. As time goes on, we will split the download sections once we have enough files to justify it. Don't forget to tell us here at this board if you add something. :)

If you have any problems, made a mistake in the upload (It's really easy, but it does happen) just let one of us know. This site has several admins and Moderators, so we can fix it pretty quickly.


Not only am I'm known from shivaSite, but also as a developer, creator, and table author. Over the almost 20 years, I have made multiple tables, written several scoring and logic engines, and also have supplied resources for the Visual Pinball and Future Pinball community. Recently, I have made available my own work, tables, and graphics for all to use freely in their personal projects as long as it is not commercial in nature. You can find the archives right here:


Nearly all the files are in psd format (photoshop) and come offered as complete downloads to make it as easy to use as possible. just view the sections, look at the preview images, and click the download link if you want them. Of special note to users of Pinball creator are these sections, which may help you build your own tables:

psd Masters: Table object textures and graphics - http://shiva.pinballnirvana.com/files/index.php?twg_album=psd-masters
Unfinished Projects: if you are stuck for a design, you can use these spare ones I have done over the years. - http://shiva.pinballnirvana.com/files/index.php?twg_album=Unfinished+Projects
Table Graphics: non psd graphics, including ball images, textures, metals etc, in .bmp, .png and .jpeg. - http://shiva.pinballnirvana.com/files/index.php?twg_album=Table+Graphics

Have fun, and lets play some pinball. :)
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