TMNT Issue - DMD Malfunction - ID10T Error


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Hey all! I have been working on refurbishing the electronic on my TMNT machine. Ended up having to replace the CPU board due to serious acid damage. Dropped in the Rottendog MPU004 CPU replacement with no issues. Then I broke the DMD. In my haste I stupidly tried to adjust the screws for the backboard closure while the machine was powered on and dropped a screw behind the DMD, causing an arc and blowing the display out. Expensive lesson. I have since replaced the DMD as well as finally replacing the severely scorched PPB as well. That's the background that leads to my current issue. When booting up, the machine displays the ROM version then plays nine 'bells' before launching gameplay. Once in play, the DMD shows gobbledegook. It's all gibberish, albeit consistent gibberish. I've looked through all of the available troubleshooting and repair guides but I can't find reference for the sound it plays at boot up. Is anyone familiar with this issue? For reference, I have replaced the display cable with the same results.

Here is a video of the issue:

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Check back from time to time. There's a really good repair guy here who stops by semi-regularly.


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I would call rottendog to see if the cpu board can be sent back for testing and evaluation. The pinball database shows the tmnt cpu schematic but it’s for the original cpu board.