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Treasured Friends


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by John L. Patton, tiltjlp

Ofttimes our lives consist of little more
Than some unfulfilled hopes of emptiness
Which somehow we never do believe enough
To consider more serious than as a fantasy
Now is it a matter that our dreams extend
Beyond our abilities of human achievement
Or simply that we feel life is but a game

But as children we are permitted to believe
In almost any and every single possibility
And imagination becomes our best playmate
Until it's decided that the time is proper
To embrace the seriousness of daily strife
But if instead of learning responsibility
What if we were taught the joy of daydreams

We might finally learn that what we possess
Is really of little or no importance in life
Because who we are counts much more than what
And happiness has value but never has a price
You're more important than any and all gifts
To those whom you call both nearest and dear
They'd rather have you than all of your gold

In life and strife we are given so few friends
Who will be truly both caring and supportive
The fingers of one hand can surely count them
Those who are sincerely worthy of your sharing
Whose day is always brightened by your voice
And whose memories all seem the same as yours
Such a person is a treasure for your aged soul

For they alone remember all the broken dreams
And cherish you for who you are so deep inside
It takes just a few such wonderful old friends
To realize that dreams are made from a kinship
That doesn't rely upon a common last name sake
The greatest romance to fill your every dream
Is the very special love of a life long friend.

Updated Jul 06, 2004 Written by tiltjlp


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thanks, jon...

is tilt still around somewhere?
Unfortunately he hasn't been around for a long time, at the bottom of this thread is some news..

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