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Trouble-shooting Visual Pinball


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My editor becomes disabled
Some people have had their VP Editor become disabled. If this happens to you, do a HD search for the file name vpinres.dll and delete it form your system. Instantly you will have a fully working VP Editor again. Thanks go to Mickey1 for discovering this solution.
when i tried to install visual pinball in my pc, a window appears telling me that i need DDRAW.DLL to run the game
Make sure you have at least DirectX VERSION 8! You can get it at the microsoft update website. Also, make sure you have the latest version of I.E. as well, for the VBscript.

PageFault when loading a vpt file

try running a uninstall and then reinstall
update IE on your system, making sure you get the lastest scripting updates and such.

Sometimes you get similar messages when your out of Drive Space, usually an "Unable to Create Offscreen Texture" or Page Fault in Module "Visual Pinball.exe... ", etc.
If other programs seem to run o.k. and Visual Pinball Opens o.k. (if you can start the Table with progress bar visible) try this:

Open Visual Pinball to Editor Screen, then Minimize the Program window (the _ button in the top right corner)
On desktop, click MyComputer, Right-Click the Drive Visual Pinball is installed to (usually Drive C:),
click Properties, and check the Available Drive Space Available. Try this after opening Tables you may be having trouble with. The Tables use more Disk Space than their file allocation suggests (Seems to happen with Bitmaps larger than table dimensions or Objects placed out of bounds that cross the Table's border too ("Offscreen Texture"), though it may be my system.).
Also close any programs that may be running (affects memory).

Other possibilities...If you made any changes/upgrades to Internet Explorer or your Internet software, you might have to re-install Visual Basic Scripting, check your drive for Windows Update Setup Files Folder( or on CD with Explorer; Don't re-run Setup.exe), Open it and run ie5setup.exe, click through to the "Install Minimal, or Customize your Browser " Option, check this Box, click next and check the Menu for "Visual Basic Scripting Support" in Bold Typeface.
If it ain't Bold, you need to install it, and may need to be re-installed or repaired, (in spite of Bold) owing to corruption or configure error. And/or the same for Visual Pinball.Exe. (written by sleepy)

Updated Jun 22, 2005 Written by shiva & Cold1
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