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Used pinball machines for cheap (lots of variety)


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That's a nice machine list you got there, buddy! I should really have taken a look at it before buying my self one. I have a Medieval Madness in my basement and it cost me 9,000$. My son's birthday was in the next week so the purchase must have been done necessarily. So I was forced to take a little loan at (link removed) . It makes me wonder - what does the price depend on? Because some machines are just Identical but only have "supreme" sign on it. Does it really make it 47,000$ valuable? And how long do usually the 50$ ones last? I just want to be sure that it was worth buying. Anyway, we own it a little more than a year, and it's still plenty of joy playing it.

Ike Savage

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Sorry, not in to that right-wing / lunatic / conspiracy-theory stuff.

How did you even hear about that show in your country?