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.vbs files that support joystick/gamepad


appropriate at this time
- VPMkeys.vbs - This adds the aliases for the gamepad support. This is the file you will have to mod if your device returns different keycodes. With this, for one, example LeftFlipperKey can be replaced with joy7, or you could use Or to check for both.

- Bally.vbs - using this .vbs file you will not have to code anything. With the correct keycodes for you device in the VPMkeys.vbs file gamepad 7 and 8 keys will flip the flippers in the Bally tables without any modification to them.

- joystick.vbs - beta. For VP, non VPM. For now copy and paste that file in total to the top of your script and you will be able to use the same aliases.

The function this provides is use of the four joystick directions and 12 buttons, but the 4 directions use the same code as buttons 1-4. VP has support for this. This just provides aliases for those functions so you only have to figure out the keycodes for your device once, put them into VPMkeys.vbs and then you can use,



just as you do LeftFlipperKey instead of 80 or whatever it is, and PlungerKey, LeftNudgeKey etc.

If enough people want to use this I will provide a full package for all manufactures support files, make joystick.vbs external, and probably not .vbs at all, and try to include the nudging and plunger as constants as well not not table script or any part of the table for that matter will need modification to support joystick/gamepads. As it is. using this VPMkeys.vbs file and Bally.vbs file, all bally tables will use buttons 7 and 8 (which should be shoulder buttons) for the flippers automatically. The plunger and nudging will need added to the key up and down using Or. (if keycode = PlungerDownKey or keycode = joyDown then ...) but only for now, I hope.


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Inserted Coin
What about the ESc Button?

Thanx a lot for the instructuions on how to change VPMkeys and the table .vbs. This was the only solution for my Joypad Usage problem until now. I tried joy2key and RBjoy7, but nine worked within my Mamewah environment.:appl:
Now that I can insert coins, start the game, use the plunger and the flippers, I am facing the problem to exit the table.
I found no way to remap the ESC (or key 1) button to something on my pad. Is there a way to do this?


Inserted Coin
Hi All

I've found all this info very helpful in edditing the VP scripts to accept joypad and I have say Hats off to Shockman. Some of you may be wondering how to go about editing scrips and what you have to do. I wrote a little guide and wanted to share it with you all. I'm not saying its the best way of doing things or the easiest but it works for me.


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