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Visit to Musee de Flipper


Pinball Wizard

Well I've been back a month now so this is a bit of a belated report on my visit to Musee de Flipper in Paris.

There really isn't much to say about this place except go there, now, do not pass go!. This place is brilliant. Just have a look at the list of machines they have - it's on their website: http://www.pinball-museum.net/ and the report which appeared in Pinball news: http://www.pinballnews.com/news/museum2.html

The collection is simply amazing. The only thing more amazing is the condition of the collection. Every machine works absolutely perfectly, Raphael Lankar who runs the place has fixed pinball machines for a living for years and he immediately fixes any machine which even looks like there is something wrong. What's more, he has a bloke come in and make sure the wood on the woodrails is in perfect condition. These things are like new.

Too many highlights to list. I will mention a couple. I'm under 45 and never thought I'd ever play a real Humpty Dumpty, well I have now and it played like the day it was born. Playing Hayburners II was fabulous as I remember this one from the squash courts in Gardenvale in Melbourne when I was a kid. I can't even remember the other machines I played there - so many. I played woodrails, EMs from the 60s and 70s, it was bliss. Even played a few flipperless machines.

Unfortunately I could only spend a few hours there - I could spend a week there. He isn't open all the time so you have to email for an appointment, but then he didn't charge me for entry either. Raphael is a nice bloke, he really knows his pinball and he even gave me a bottle of wine and a lift back in to central Paris (he's a crazy driver which is especially unnerving when you are sitting in what is normally the driver's seat for you ;)). You can get to the pinball museum by the Metro, I walked about 1.5KM or 1 mile from the Metro station but there is also a bus. I found the place by using Google Maps.

I took a few pics. They are in the gallery section at Pinball Nirvana. Just look under user galleries or it's the newest album at the moment. Unfortunately they are not good pics for VP reproduction. To get good pics for VP you really need a ladder, lot's of time and get the glass removed. I just didn't have time. Better pics can be seen on the Pinball news site.

What more can I say but go to Paris and visit this place, you will play machines you will never see again and they play so well.

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