Volcano pinball pop bumper problem


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The lower left side playfield pop bumper on my Gottlieb Volcano keeps
acting up on me. For a while it will do like it's supposed to and
then later on it doesn't do anything when the ball hits it. I've
cleaned the contacts underneath it, but the problem keeps coming
back. Any idea what is wrong with it? Could there be something more to this problem? Thanks!


Pinball Technician
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each of the 4 pop bumpers is controled by a pop bumper board. when you lift up the playfield they will near the top.to find out which one you need to look at check the wire colors on the pop bumber coil prob. a single wire and find that wire on the connector of the pop bumper board. turn game off and unplug connector from board. unscrew board and check for cracked solder connections usually on the male pins or transistor.resolder if needed. also check for loose wires on the connector. replace board if still faulty