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VP9.1.1 User Guide - Documentation & Help

VP9.1.1 User Guide - Documentation & Help 2020-01-28

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From an operator's standpoint, the nudge and shake should be a matter of liberal vs. conservative settings with the old VP 8 nudge and shake in the middle of these extremes.
This is because in real world tables, the maximum nudge and shake are dependent on the tightness or looseness of the leg mounts on the machine as set by the mechanics on the job per bolts.

Loose legs = max nudge and shake and are part of a liberal setting when the tilt sensitivity is set low or off.
Loose legs also = max nudge and shake on a conservative setting when the tilt sensitivity is set so high that just looking at the machine or a sneeze will tilt the game.

The VP8 nudge and shake was like a machine with solid tightly bolted legs.
Yes, loose legs, but in a decrepit sense would appear to give the ball more nudge, because the counterforce would be compromised.

If there was ever a case of something being over analyzed, then this is it I think. I see talk about separation of the forces as way off track. It there was a desire to be anal about the nudging to the point that things like counter force, the recoil of the machine has a range of effects, that is not a bad idea, but nudging would have to work to be refined. Counter force is king. I would not be so adamant about it if it was an idea of mine, or an option, or not a direct and equal but opposite reaction, but it is none of that. It is nudge physics, and all work in this area that ignores nudge physics, or even puts it less that first, seems to be a waste of time to me.

I have not been at VPF. Paul is not arguing with me. He is arguing with real world physics.

Shake is something new, and it has no point being something that is declared as something we want, when there is absolutely nothing about VP9 nudging that keyboard users want. We had table movement without it in VP<9, and in VP9 we don't. We do not even have the shake we "want" unless we put it in ourselves, only to find it is no better with it as is was without it because it is not IT. It was so automatic and logical in VP<9 that it did not even need a name, let alone a flag.
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