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VPLauncher.dat -> update?


Pinball Wizard
That's a lot of work to get every table ever released, Yogi

Unless a long time player of VP had been downloading every original released online from the start of VP, there is no way to have a complete list of original tables to begin with or every VPM table version ever released IMO. I think an updated dat file would be good for recreated tables though.

I don't use vplaucher or any other front end right now. I have in the past, but I don't feel a need to anymore with having to change between VP8 and VP9 to play different tables. I have VP8 and VP9 table folders seperated as well. I can see why some players would want to use a front end, but IMO It's just easier to play a table from VP and it's easier to edit a table.

Good luck to anyone who has a complete list of all tables though, if they want to update the dat. I would be willing to try it out.



Pinball Nudger
Whats with the hazing? Yeah someone should probably get permission before changing someone's work but geez is it worth totally dissing someone that hardcore, c'mon, for real? He was just trying to help us all out. An updated dat file would be ideal, considering I like to use VPman so I can play a random table and have a favorites list and all that, I think its great because u can see the high scores also, but the dat file doesn't have all the tables I want in there. Actually both VP and FP dat files considering FP has gotten a lot better in recent times with the ball physics both are a must have for pinball fanatics.
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