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VPMidi Problem


Pinball Nudger
Hello everyone. I've found a few tables that use VPMidi but I'm having a problem with it. I use Windows Vista and have downloaded VPMidi and put the .dll in my system32 folder. After that I've used the run prompt and registered it with regsvr32 with no problem. Every time I try to run a table that uses it I still get a problem that VPMidi isn't working. I get a error 429 code "ActiveX component can't create object" first. Then I get "an error occurred whilst initializing VPMidi". Next I get the error "There was a problem loading the requested file. No file has been loaded". After that the error "Object variable or With block variable not set". I've went into the script for the tables and changed the location of the midi file to where it is on my PC but I still get these errors. All the tables I've tried I get these same errors so I don't think its the tables themselves. Is there something I'm doing wrong or is VPMidi just not compatible with Vista? Any help I can get I would most appreciate. Thank you all very much.


Pinball Nudger
Got the same problem

Just installed VPMIDI and got the same problem The Dll vpmidi.dll is properly registered and the VB6 runtime is properly installed

Ike Savage

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Problem is, VPMidi is absurdly out of date, and TBH was a poor workaround in the first place.

The tables that call for that plugin should have been fixed in code a long time ago.