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On the inside of an otherwise industrial appearing building is the home of What’s Brewing? Coffee Roasters, coffee lounge and one of the meeting locations for Belles and Chimes; a Pinball Club for Women based in San Antonio, Texas.

What’s Brewing? in San Antonio, Texas

What’s Brewing? is a coffee roasting company in operation for over 40 years. They have their roasters on site, a lounge with board and card games, and 27 pinball games that run the gamut from the 1975 Gottlieb Atlantis to the 2019 Stern Jurassic Park (Pro).

The bean storage area with the first of the pinballs

The Atlantis in the storage area

Pinballs in one of the game rooms

More pinballs

And more

The newest game in the collection at the time of writing

All games appeared to be in excellent condition, they encourage patrons to report malfunctions to the Pinball Map.

You are encouraged to report problems with the games

They also host tournaments and other pinball-related events such as the Women’s Winter Classic Pinball Tournament, and the Youth Pinball Tournament. This coming February 14th they will host the Table for Two tournament featuring romantic door prizes, cash and romantic prizes for the top four! Check their Facebook page for more information on their events and tournaments.

Promotions for the Winter Classic and Winter League

All the games are coin or dollar bill operated (there is a change machine nearby), while a few such as the 1976 Williams Grand Prix are set to 25 cents per credit – Score!

Most of the games have a summary of the game’s features printed on a small card attached to the head unit – a great idea that I wish more arcades would adopt. Most of the games have either drink holders or tables nearby for your hot or cold liquids.

Gottlieb’s Joker Poker

The information card for Joker Poker

The game rooms have framed game backglasses displayed as “art”. It would be better if they were backlit, but it is a very nice touch anyway.

One of the framed backglasses

What’s Brewing?’s game rooms (two of them plus the game in the storage area) offer boosters for the vertically-challenged players out there.

I freely admit to being a coffee snob and rate their coffee among the best that I have enjoyed. If space in our luggage wasn’t at such a premium, I would have bought a few pounds to take home. What’s Brewing? carries a wide variety of single origin, organic and Kosher-certified 100% Arabica beans.

The beans available at What’s Brewing?

One of What’s Brewing?’s ‘private collection’ coffees

If you visit What’s Brewing? early enough in the day, they have pastries available for purchase from The Cake Thieves bakery. Be forewarned, they sell out quickly!

The vibe in the coffee house is hip without being hipster – the music choices are outstanding and both the employees and the patrons are very welcoming. The coffee house is inviting with various seating options – high tables and tall chairs, comfy sofas and coffee tables, and small dining tables with matching chairs.

Inside the coffee house

If coffee makes the world function effectively and pinball brings out the best in people, then What’s Brewing? is certainly the most effective and functional place in San Antonio, Texas, if not North America.

When you are in the Greater Harmony Hills area of San Antonio, give What’s Brewing? a visit. Be prepared to stay longer than you were planning though! It’s at least a ‘two-cup’ kind of place.

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