Which Physics Do You Use For "physicless" Tables?


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I was wondering which physics do you guys use, for great tables such as 3 Angels, TDK, Road Girls etc, which were designed for physics 1?


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more real is oll other than 1.0:But some tables like 3 Angels are designed for <acronym title="Future Pinball" class="bbc ipSeoAcronym">FP</acronym> 1.0. Most Zed physic tables are adjusted by me, Slam has another goods with his own 2.6 physic: It depends off your ball feeling behaviour you like. All tables have to be adjusted for his own physics, some work better, some less. With new <acronym title="Future Pinball" class="bbc ipSeoAcronym">FP</acronym>.exe mod at this site alll <acronym title="Future Pinball" class="bbc ipSeoAcronym">FP</acronym> 1 physic tables plays much better. Physic is most a discussion with much emotions.


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I am confused how I use the various Physics versions, or if they are even different .exe's and just other files that need to be shuffled?

I have various FP.exe's that supposely are other versions, but a bunch have the exact same file size.

I have installed BAM, is that for all Physics tables or just the ZED ones requires it?

More confusing, some tables listed as Physics seem to work fine in plain FP final official release, I do realize the better physics is ofc gone in that case.

Anyone able to clear this up?


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I'm mostly using FPloader (BAM) with the 2009 final official release FP by Randy and the Physics 2.5 R2 version.

I just make sure I have renamed copies to shuffle around since the FPloader is coded for Future Pinball.exe

If there is something more flexible for a desktop tables player, I would be glad to hear about it.