Whirl-Wind - Gottlieb 1957 - VP9

Recreation Whirl-Wind - Gottlieb 1957 - VP9 2020-11-12

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pbecker1946 submitted a new resource:

Whirl-Wind - Gottlieb 1957 - VP9 - New VP9 Build of the 1957 Gottlieb Game Whirl-Wind

New VP9 build of Gottlieb's Whirl-Wind released in December 1957. Whirl-Wind was designed by Wayne Neyens with art by Roy Parker. 1,100 units were produced so this game is relatively rare to find today. 1957 was the year of the roto-target for Gottlieb. Nearly all of its games that year had one, and many were not truly great games. While this game has the nearly standard center of the game roto-target that often limited the game play on many of these roto-target games, Whirl-Wind is better...
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Hello, PBecker,
Thanks for your fine uploads recently, and I notice that your recent ones did not have resource icons attached. Wellsir, that's basically just a matter of adding the screenshot a second time as an "icon" at the bottom of the resource entry.

We've also added a more explicit note for uploaders in order to make this stuff more clear. Hopefully that helps?

Anyway, I went ahead and added the icon for this one. While I was doing so, I was intrigued by your interesting notes about this table, and was curious if Scorpion over at RoguePinball.com ever got to see what a bang-up job you did. Evidently he took some nice photos of the wheel which helped you complete the game.

I'm guessing Scorpion (from Italy, is it?) goes by one of these nicks over here; not sure:

I'll post over at Rogue, too, in the hopes he sees this fine table. Thanks!
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