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Windows 10 and VisualPinMame


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Hi! Not long ago I installed the operating system Windows 10 64 Bit.
I installed the latest version of Future Pinball.
After downloading a table and tried to play this table and I 'appeared the inscription: Future Pinball has detected That your OpenGL acceleration is running in software mode.
This will cause Future Pinball to run poorly Nvidia and Ati only support hardware acceleration
witch this application in 32 fads.

Please change your desktop color depth to 32-bit and try running this application again

Now I do not know how to do in order to play Future Pinball. Since I'm not very handy Computers, there is 'someone who can' help me solve this problem.
Thank you.
I thank in advance those who will want to 'help me but also others' cause in this great family of Future Pinball, well, there we help each other.
Thank you

Graphic Card Intel G41 express chipset e 2 GB di memoria.


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Hey, Dinocostas! Thanks for stopping by here! Unfortunately, we don't have a real active Future Pinball community here. There is Tii, who actually makes FP tables, but it's hard to tell when he is going to pop in here. You might want to pay a visit to http://www.vpforums.org They have a very active FP community there and, although they're not the friendliest place, I think someone there wouldn't mind lending you a hand. And good luck! I tried setting up FP on my computer last month and the effort ended in tears.


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And OP is neither Nvidia or ATI video so there is that.

That's a video card less rig so it's probably not ideal.