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World Cup Soccer 2010


Inserted Coin
This is World Cup Soccer year in South Africa...
I was imagine if anybody can do a new version of World Cup Soccer USA 1994...
Let's football guys...


careful what you call football! here in the U.S that's not real football but rather what the spanish stations show!! :p Real football is all about gridiron, man to man, pigskin tackling freaks who make about 10 mill a year then break a nail and sit out the rest of the season! I don't like U.S. football so much (can ya' tell?) and used to play soccer in middle school (when I went it was called junior high school but I digress) soccer uses a much larger field and less padding so when you got hit you really felt it! and that ball was like headbutting a brick wall! Then there's rugby, also called football, so specify when you just say football...:)


I think someone at vpforums.org is making one based on soccer (I want to say Wizards Hat but I'm not exactly positive here) check over there for it, but I don't think it's done yet...ya know I don't think anyone's ever done one based on American football...hmmmm...(rusty gears beginning to turn in my head once again)


Pinball Nudger
Yep faralos - it's now finished (just in time for the World Cup!) - & uploaded here also.

Any comments gratefully received.


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