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  • Bally Twin Joker BG NICE.jpg
    Right click on the image and save. The full image as found is there.
  • Stargate (Gottlieb, 1995) (JLou)
    @Stachu68, I'd suggest either of two options:

    1) Run this image through BigJpg.com and expand to desired size/DPI. That site uses specialised software to intelligently recreate detail based on the original, and works great on this kind of art. It can also clean up graphic artifacts, as...
  • Stargate (Gottlieb, 1995) (JLou)
    This image is in 300DPI. I would need this image in 600 DPI which is more detailed. I will be very grateful if it would be possible!
  • Stargate (Gottlieb, 1995) (JLou)
    It's at 1519x3450 in this image.

    How much larger were you wanting?
  • Stargate (Gottlieb, 1995) (JLou)
    i'm interested with this overlay in full resolution. it's possible to get this?
  • The 666 BAR Evolution.jpg
    Basically, you take the target model and delete the slim square on Milkshape (but without removing the collision box on the FPM), therefore making that part "invisible". In the other hand, that slim square is saved as a Bulb object. It's an easy edit, and with that you won't need those skinny...
  • The 666 BAR Evolution.jpg
    works oO https://postimg.cc/Cd9Nbgsy
    I like where this is going ;) The very thin arrows may be a bit too much, though. Maybe a bulb over the target, or even a "bulb target" could work better.


    You could even transform the shape...

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