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3 Coins (Williams, 1962) VP92

VP9 Williams EM Recreation 3 Coins (Williams, 1962) VP92 v1.0 (PLB) 2020-01-28

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3 Coins (Williams, 1962) VP9.2 v1.0 (PLB)
IPD No. 2535

New VP9.2 Build of 1962 Williams game 3 Coins with a focus on game play.
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In my country(Chile) I had the opportunty to play this pinball("flippers" we called to them) in the 60's.So I told him and I ask him if he could recreate this one.All our conversations were through e-mail.Formerly I had expressed to him that his work was very good,great and amazing.He was so gentle that not only did this pinball, but "Double Barrel" too, at my request.He also,in a very humble way, ask me for details I could remember from the older times when I did play these pinballs in real life.Phil Becker is the best.
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excellent table thanks:p:appl::appl:
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