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300 (Maresa, 1975)

EM Recreation FP 300 (Maresa, 1975) v1.0

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Electro-Mechanical Machines
by tomasaco
at 2014-06-28
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Maquinas Recreativas Sociedad Anonima, Madrid, Spain
Tradename Maresa
Date 1975
IPD No. 4633

FP Physics 1.0

-There are 6 versions of the same table below will explain in more detail.

- Tables created 300 Maresa Two Different versions, a table with room and another version without it. Each version of this table in three different qualities.

- The Normal quality is the lowest would be the named Maresa 300 or 300 Maresa Room.

- The HD quality is serious mediates named Maresa HD 300 or HD 300 Maresa Room.

- The FULL HD quality is the highest would be the named Maresa 300 or 300 FULL HD FULL HD Maresa Room. Also compatible with the new

- 4K televisions, the image quality with a fairly powerful computer is needed.

I needed something to say if the 3 versions that are named Maresa Room 300 FULL HD, 300 HD Maresa Room, Room 300 Maresa used. there will be people who can not put these versions.

Within the program in future pinball preferences, Open and search video / redering options and return to open and once inside the box look Render Room and the game took off, has to be removed so we can see the new room. With the f11 key and with the mouse you can rotate around the entire room. Then we can change camera with f1 to f8.

- MACHINE USED: 530 2.93Ghz CPU MEDION.Intel Corei3 + + 4Gb RAM (512Mb NVidiaGForce310) Moves to 30FPS @ 1920x1080 textures altacalidad to Maximo detail.
The Spanish version but there is a zero, so being the points.

Corridors roulette, targets, star, Bumpers and gums not iluminadoas would be 100 points.
corridors, Dianas, star and Bumpers lit would be 1,000 points.
Completing lights roulette would be 5,000 points.
yellow Hoyo would give 1, 2 or 3 balls and also 1,000 points for each ball to give.
serious red hole 10,000 counts balls blocks.
Hitting the special illuminated target given match.
Counting balls glass every lost ball and double value Balls glass on last ball .
rewarded with a game, if it matches the last three numbers of the marker, with illuminated the
Lack penalizes the ball in play.

Mods of this table :
300 Maresa MOD 2.0
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