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300 Prepare for Glory (Original) MOD by Brad Bambara, pinner

SS Original Table FP 300 Prepare for Glory (Original) MOD by Brad Bambara, pinner v1.01

No permission to download
Solid State Machines
by Brad Bambara, pinner
at 2011-07-13
Type Original

This is a MOD of:http://www.pinsimdb.org/fpreleases/tables/357-300_prepare_for_glory
The original table has been created by Brad Bambara. Permission granted by Brad Bambara.
Simple MOD where I only replaced the reels on the translit with digital displays.

Light up G-L-O-R-Y or X-E-R-X-E-S for extra/multiball
Light up 3-0-0 to battle the Immortals
Travel up the path on the left side to battle the Persians
MOD version 1.01 (1.0 + 0,01)
MOD changes made by pinner, all credits to Brad Bambara
replaced reels at the translite with displays for two reasons
(1) The reels are slow, it takes to long for them to get updated to the actual score
(2) The scores on the reels were not the same as in the high-scores
changed the script ONLY according to the reel/display replacement
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