A Real American Hero OPERATION P.I.N.B.A.L.L. (Original, 2021) VPX

VPX SS Original Table A Real American Hero OPERATION P.I.N.B.A.L.L. (Original, 2021) VPX v2.1 and v2.1redux VPX7.2

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A Real American Hero OPERATION P.I.N.B.A.L.L. (Original, 2022) VPX v2.1 and v2.1redux MOD

v2.1 and v2.1redux VPX7.2
Converted all pics to WebP format to reduce overall size of table.(VPX7.2 Required)
Converted Wav files in sound manager to ogg format which reduces file size.
Reduced resolution of a few pics.
Bumper pics were 4000x4000, now 1000x1000
BumperCap pics were 2000x2000, now 1000x1000
Playfield pic was 2856x5922, now 1975x4096
Clear plastics pic was 4096x4096, now 1000x1000

The story so far...
The Joe's need your help!!

Cobra Commander and his associates are up to no good,(not a surprise!). Him and his cohorts have secretly infiltrated GI JOE Headquarters and have made off with a computer chip containing TOP SECRET Dossier Files of GI JOE TEAM members. Just how much information was on the stolen computer chip is unknown.

On top of that, the evil Dr. MindBender has created a Low-frequency Laser, that when aimed at the cerebral cortex of the subject, can induce a hypnotic-like state, and transfer information and commands to subjects, controlling there behaviours, if subjects are exposed to the Laser long enough. To help encourage unsuspecting subjects to stay long enough for proper interface exposure, the Laser was added to a Pinball machine.

These machines were first used to find new Cobra recruits. Good hand and eye coordination skills, would activate the laser.

Now it is used to spread classified information and propaganda throughout the Cobra Empire.

This is where you come into the story....

Your Pinball skills are well known in your area!!
The GI JOE TEAM has asked for your help!!

First you must infiltrate the Cobra controlled town of Springfield, and find one of these machines!

You must then find out exactly how much stolen GI JOE information these machines are carrying!









How much info will you uncover?

Only your superior pinball playing skills can help you to accomplish this mission!!

Added modified JPSalas LUT Toggled with Right Magna-Save.
Added modified JPSalas LUT script combined with STAT's TEAM Change script.
Now camo pic changes are saved and loaded on next table run. (Buy-In Key toggles Camo Patterns)
Also added wall30 to the camo change.(The plastic right under middle Bumpercap)
Converted mp3's to ogg format, and scripted music to be played from GIJOE folder.
(Place GIJOE folder in your Music folder)
Also lowered Decibal Level on all the music by 6.4 Db's.
Also lowered Decibal level on Bumper and Bumpersling sounds by 13.2 Db's
Added NVOffset script command, so not to interfere with other tables using same rom.
Added Projector Pic cheat. Use Left Magna-Save to toggle Projector pics after game has started.
Added Missing Load Lut script command. Now Lut is saved and loaded for next time table is played.

Added Jp's Lut's script to table.
Toggle Lut's by holding down Left Magna-Save, and press Right Magna-Save.
If you click the Backdrop, and Options button in the editor when table is loaded, you can set the table to your desired Lut image on right side of editor, and then save table so this will become your personalized default Lut image.

Added 5 extra Camo patterns for plastics toggled with Buy-In Key. ("2" Key)

Changed GIJOE Targets to have higher percentage of Laser Blaster sound effect, instead of the barrage of Yo Joe every time they are hit. (Gets annoying real quick!!)

Made 2 table versions.
Redux version only has 136 Dossier and Vehicle Pics, helping with the table load time.
Regular version still has 388 Dossier and Vehicle pics.

Added JPSalas GI Effect script to events.
(Ball release into plunger lane, upper kicker, and when projector pic is activated.)
Added coin sound effect on coin insert.
Added option at top of script to change color of scoring LED's.
You can choose from 5 different colors.
(0=Green 1=Red 2=White 3=Blue 4=Reg Orange)
Default is set to green.
Added command to Exit Sub in script, to change LED's back to regular Orange on table exit.
(So if you play the original Sexy Girl table after playing this table, these colors will have no effect on it.)

Added camoflauge to right of kicker plastic.
Added 5 flashers. 3 above plastics, 1 under apron at drain, and 1 on DT backdrop.
Added lights to characters on playfield so now they light up with GI lighting.
Changed color of lights on top of bumpers to red. (Now the Cobra emblem isn't pink)
Now when you hit kicker, the background music doesn't stop.
Adjusted FS POV Settings so table is wider.
Fixed DT backdrop lights.
Moved plunger activated sounds to trigger in plunger lane.
Adjusted timers and volume on alot of sounds.
Removed 2 Background Music sound effects.
The only mp3's that were editted had the names changed, so feel free to overwrite old mp3s if you have older versions of this table, and it will not effect them.
Added 1 more voice sound effect to coin insert.
Added 7 Digit rom to table.
Adjusted DT backdrop for 7 Digit rom.
I couldn't figure out how to add extra digit to DT scoring reels, so they disappear now and the regular DMD is used.
Added Cheat to toggle Dossier pics.
Tap Left and Right Magnasave at same time after game is started to toggle Dossier pics.
(This is not cheating as it doesn't effect the score.)
Also made a 7 Digit dB2S Backglass, included with download.
Bumpers, and lower Slings light up explosions on backglass.

There are 387 Dossier File Pics!!

There are
4 Background Music sound effects
2 Game Over Music sound effects
12 Next Episode sound effects
3 Attract Mode sound effects
24 drain sound effects
42 upper kicker sound effects
30 other sound effects


I have used a mod of a table to make this mod.

The table I used for this mod is Lizards amazing VPX Sexy Girl (Arkon 1980)!!(Which is a Converion Kit mod of Playboy.)
I want to thank Lizard for making an excellent table, and for allowing mods without permission.
I also want to thank anyone else involved!! Great Work Everyone!!

Info on Lizards original table download page...
This table has come to life with the contributions of many.
Thanks go to Destruk and Mickey for the original table
ICPjuggla and gtxjoe for bits and pieces i used from there bally playboy table
Arngrim for the DOF and controller code
Steely,pinball Ken,Koadic,Jimmyfingers and Rascal for all the ball rolling and associated code
Cyberpez for the changeable instruction cards (Which can be changed near the top of the script)
Seraph74 who provided the projector code mods to swap the images
Hauntfreaks did a shadow mask for the shadows and i also used his environment image as well
JP for his ball and scratches images

See original tables download page for more info.

Remember to thank the original authors of this table, as they are the ones who made this work of art.
I just added sound effects and changed graphics.

This table uses the 7 Digit rom "playboyb"
Link to 7 Digit rom...

I also want to thank Steve "Slydog43" for which these table mods would not be possible to make if it weren't for his help!!

I also want to thank Thalamus for telling me about the rubber hit height needing to be lowered to 27, because it was set at 30, and this will cause weird ball behaviour. I only lowered the ones that were set on 30. So the physics should be better.

I also would like to thank Allknowing2012 and Gtxjoe for helping me with adding timers to script. With Gtxjoes example script he showed me, I was able to somewhat fix the game over sounds, and when counting huge bonus after ball drain.

I specifically used this table because it is a Picture Pin. (Different Pics are activated by hitting targets.)

Most of the artwork is from the packages these toys came in. Which I found on Google Images.(Big thanks to whoever posted images on GOOGLE Images!!) This should be considered art, as I am a big fan of GI JOE. All pics, trademarks, Logos and sounds belong to their respectful owners. This table is for personal home, and non-commercial use only. This table should be used for educational purposes only.

I added 388 pics to the projector.
These pics are activated in order.
They are activated by hitting the upper COBRA Rollovers,(Not the COBRA on left side above kicker.), and spelling COBRA.
Then you also have to hit one of the GIJOE targets to start the picture show. Any subsequent hit on GIJOE targets, or the A in COBRA,(Center Target.), triggers next pic.

387 pics are dossiers of GIJOE team members and vehicles. Can you make it to pic 388?

It will start with first action figures released by year starting with 1982. You will know you have hit the next year after the vehicle pics have finished and it goes back to dossiers.

You can set this table for 4 players game and the pics don't start over for new player, so you can progress through the pics with each of the 4 players turns.

Can you make it to pic 388?

I included a nvram file that will give you the easiest settings to try to accomplish viewing all 388 pics.
You can change these settings by pressing F6 on your keyboard, which will bring up dipswitch menu.
(The included nvram file has the easiest settings!! Also playing 4 player game helps!!!)

I found some GI JOE sound effects on google that I think were perfect for this table.
Someone editted out all the background music in the cartoons, to make like a soundtrack.
They editted out all voices, and pieced together many song clips to make complete song.
(Huge thanks whoever you are!!)

Hope you enjoy!!
This table uses the 7 Digit rom "playboyb"
Find here...
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