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Ad Infinitum (Original) VP8

VP8 SS Original Table Ad Infinitum (Original) VP8 v2.0 (AUG 2005) FINAL

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Ad Infinitum (Original) VP8 v2.0 (AUG 2005) FINAL

As with most (or all?) of Sphere's tables, an interesting, original song serves as the background music. It seems to remind me of a particular band, but I can't put my finger on which one at the moment. The song also restarts with each ball, which I'm not sure I'm crazy about, but I left it as-is.

Two brief comments: 1) I think the upper 'half-circle' kicker would be more interesting if it semi-randomised the kick direction, and 2) I'm not sure the outlane ball-save system works correctly at the beginning of the game, because the balls don't necessarily get saved when the arrow is "green." Later on, this does seem to work correctly.

Anyway, see what you think! --Ike
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