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Ali Baba (Gottlieb, 1948) VP8

VP8 Gottlieb EM Recreation Ali Baba (Gottlieb, 1948) VP8 v1.1 MOD

No permission to download
Gottlieb 1948
by Humid and others
IPD No. 45

One of the first tables to incorporate the flippers of Harry Mabs, changing pinball forever. Features backglass animation of rope climber. Random special lights. Kickout holes collect bonus which builds to special. 1-6 lites special.

Seeing how TOTAN is a popular table, I thought I'd mod one of the first pinballs to feature flippers that uses the same entertaining theme. Once you get the feel for cross shots you can keep a ball going for a few minutes. No gobble holes! Thanks again to Duglis for giving permission to mod this colorful piece of history.
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