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Aliens Legacy - "Game Over, Man" (PinEvent Lite, FizX 3.0)

SS Original Table BAM FizX FP Aliens Legacy - "Game Over, Man" (PinEvent Lite, FizX 3.0) v1.0

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Solid State Machines
Aliens Legacy - "Game Over, Man" (PinEvent Lite, FizX 3.0)

Version 1.0 (July 2023)

Original table design and concept by: David Eisner
Ultimate Pro 1.03 table by: SLAMT1LT
Game Over Man, PinEvent Lite, FizX update by: TerryRed

Aliens Legacy Pinball started long ago around 2010 as an original design by David Eisner, then later updated by Destruk, Pinballwzd, Steve Paradis and Tom Niwinski.

After that, the table was updated many times by SLAMT1LT (ULTRA, HARDCORE, Ultimate / Bad Ass, etc). Years later, he updated the table with a massive awesome update for his Ultimate Pro version. It has become one of my favorite all time tables.

BAM has had many new updates and new features added since the Ultimate Pro table was released years ago. I love the Alien movies, so I really wanted to add my own bit of flair to this amazing table.

I've added my PinEvent Lite features and overhauled this table and modernized it to my own preferences for lighting, shadows, FizX 3.0 physics, and more. I added some new features, new models, new changes, and more. This makes an already great game look / sound / play absolutely amazing. I love it!

FizX v3.0


This table has been fully updated with FizX v3.0 physics for game changing new physics on Future Pinball. FizX uses techniques similar to nFozzy physics on VPX to completely change the physics for the flippers, slings, rubbers, targets, ball behavior and more that allows this table play much more realistically than anyone ever thought was possible on Future Pinball. You will be amazed at the difference!

PinEvent Lite


I've added my PinEvent Lite features for DOF, SSF, etc (PUP DMD is a future update).

PinEvent Lite features for this table:
  • DOF (basic config, no custom animated effects... yet)
  • PUP (simple backglass and speaker grill options)
  • Night Mode

NOTE: PinEvent Lite tables do NOT have PUP-Pack options that include support for PUPDMD / videos / modern text, etc. That will come at a later date, when the table is upgraded to PinEvent V2.


Cabinet users will need to use DMDExt to mirror the FP DMD to their DMD display / real DMD. Read the included Install Instructions for more info and links on how to do this.


For an EPIC video preview of this table's updates and new features, and a gameplay demo of almost all modes, check out this video:

Thanks of course to these awesome contributors:

David Eisner : original build, additional audio design (Mother voice)
SLAMT1LT : Ultimate Pro 1.03 table update, coding, artwork, audio design, videos, VFX, Motion Tracker animation
Steve Paradis : Alien creature and NOSTROMO models
Wild : Sentry Gun toy
TerryRed : "Game Over Man" update, PinEvent Lite, FizX, coding, lighting, shadows, art, models, table updates

Schlabber34 - new pre-rendered insert images
FLEEP - new mechanical sounds
JLou - for FizX and support
Everyone at Pinball Nirvanna for ideas, examples, and support
Nailbuster - Pinup Player and SSF support
Ravarcade - for creating the awesome BAM and providing assistance with BAM features
Chris Leathley - creator of Future Pinball



This table is a fan-made work of passion, and is NOT intended for commercial usage or to be included in any part of a commercial sale!


screenshot - desktop.png

screenshot - cabinet.png


motion tracker.png




rifle launch.png

DMD - green.png

power cut.png


room 1.png

room 2.png


This table is single player only.


Desktop Static Camera Views (attract mode)
  • press plunger to cycle through different static views

Action Buttons - digital plunger, special 1, special 2 (gameplay)
  • all buttons/keys will act as an autoplunger and an action button during gameplay

Change G.I. colours (attract mode)
  • special 1 / 2 buttons will toggle the G.I. colours during attract mode

Video Screen (apron option – cabinet or vr only)
  • the video screen can be displayed on the apron. This can be changed in the table script in TABLE OPTIONS




BAM Ray Cast Ball Shadows:
  • this table was created to look best with the new BAM Ray Cast Ball shadows
  • this feature is ENABLED on the table script by default
  • this feature requires a fast video card, and will use much more of your GPU
  • if the table doesn’t run smooth, then your PC may not be fast enough to handle this feature (and you should disable it)
To disable this feature, you MUST “first” disable it in TABLE OPTIONS (in the table script), AND in the BAM menu “afterward” while playing:
  • open BAM menu (~ or Q by default), and goto "Addons - Configure Ball and Shadows"

BAM Menu - Light and Post Processing settings:
  • BAM Lighting and Post Processing settings are set by the table script and will ALWAYS override the user's settings
  • this is required to ensure that all lighting is set correctly at all times

Physics: FizX v3.0


Game not running smooth? Try the following:

  • run FP in Fullscreen, not Windowed
  • disable RayCast Ball Shadows in TABLE OPTIONS "first", then disable in the BAM menu while playing (Addons - Configure Ball and Shadows)
  • disable Reflections options in FP's Video / Rendering settings
  • reduce / disable Antialiasing in FP's Video / Rendering settings
  • disable any SSAO options in BAM plugins menu (disabled by default)


TABLE REQUIREMENTS (very important!)
  • All Visual C++ Runtime updates
  • FP and BAM (updated to 1.5-365 or higher)
  • Future Pinball and BAM Essentials AIO package (installed AFTER installing FP or after updating BAM)
  • my BAM Settings files installed
  • the REQUIRED “Video / Rendering Options” and “Editor Options” set in Future Pinball settings (included with the table's zip file)


  • PLEASE read the Install Instructions (included with the table's zip file)
  • it shows you how to check what version of BAM you have installed
  • it shows you how to install all the REQUIRED items above (and provides links to download them)
  • it shows you how to easily setup FP and BAM with the REQUIRED settings
  • there is a FAQ included that will answer most questions!

It's super easy, and only takes minutes to do!


How to run Future Pinball to play the table
  • PLEASE read the Install Instructions (included with the table's zip file) to know how to properly use FP and BAM



Read the Install Instructions included in the table's zip file.

It tells you everything you need to know, has a very helpful FAQ, and has lots of pretty pictures!

Again, read the FAQ and the Install Instructions in the table's zip file!



**** Game Over, Man - PinEvent Lite - FizX - Table updates - by TerryRed ****

*** v1.0 ***

- completely updated entire table for FizX physics v3.0
- added FizX Tweaker Tool and HUD DMD
- added new rubbers, sling diverters, bumpers for FizX
- various table changes needed to properly work with new physics
- removed older smoke ball rolling code and commands (no need for vbs file)
- removed older mechanical sounds and triggers
- replaced all mechanical sounds with FLEEP sounds
- removed items / surfaces no longer being used (dark plastics, sound triggers, etc)
- added new static desktop camera options (can be toggled during attract, or set in script)
- updated table for all PinEvent features (except for PUP DMD and PUP Stream)
- added PUP SSF and DOF support (basic DOF for now)
- added new Ball rolling code for FP sounds and PUP SSF (detects which is enabled and works with that)
- updated lighting and post processing
- added new shadowmaps to many GI bulbs and flashers and enabled ray cast shadows
- added shadowmaps TGA directly to table (cache does not need to be created)
- overhauled entire table for new lighting and shadows
- added new beacon flasher that triggers during various events
- converted DMD and related code from 128x16 to 128x32
- added new option to display video screen on the apron (cabinet / vr mode only)
- updated spinner toy and code to use Wecoc's spinner code
- added new bump mapped jewel images for arrow inserts
- updated plastics art
- added new Backglass art and grill for 128x32 DMD
- new apron layout, new apron art, new launch and action lights on the apron
- new animated Ripley model
- new table models (bumper eggs, motion tracker, rifle, face hugger)
- new gameroom models (face hugger topper, alien, alien queen)
- positioned motion tracker hologram on new motion tracker model
- new animated explosion effect for when ship explodes
- new options for second stage flippers
- new options for changing G.I. colours
- new options for changing the FP DMD colours
- various other updates and fixes

A huge amount of work overall...so I'm sure there's lots I've forgotten to include - TerryRed
First release
Last update
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Another stellar effort, thank you!!
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Truly epic experience and the immersion is just wow.
Even if you're not a fan of the theme, you'll enjoy this one.
Kick the volume up a notch or two as well ;)
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TerryRed and rest of the team pure Pinball-Bliss!
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Another table that is straight on my favourites list. Plays brilliant
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I can't wait to see your next projects
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Awesome update Terry!
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OMG. It's got everything I could wish for! Amazing table, Terry!
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Thank you for all your hard work, hope you keep enjoying it so we can have such great releases from you!
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Awesome work!
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