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Solid State Machines
by SLAMT1LT , Steve
at 2011-01-31
Type Original

My modded version of the Aliens Legacy table as created by David Eisner.

Object of the game is to work through the modes until you get to the final Nuke Site mode. By completing this mode, you will arm the nuke and escape via the POD ship.


Drop all E-G-G-S targets and then kill 10 Aliens by hitting the Bumpers.

Save Newt:

Hit the flashing target to open the nest then lock the ball in the nest (within the time limit). The ball will then drop into the Bumpers. Hit the Bumpers for maximum points for 30 seconds and then finish the mode by hitting the Elevator Kicker.


Hit the flashing targets to get the correct code and then hit the centre target to prep the nuke. Drop the ball in the centre hole of the Pod to launch before the nuke detonates.

Legacy Mode (Wizard Mode):

Complete 3 missions to get to this highly skilled mode. Correctly enter the correct code by hitting the flashing targets to lock each of the 3 balls needed for the Multiball. Then lite all the LEGACY letters on the backglass by making various shots around the table.


During game play, try to avoid being overcome by approaching Aliens as seen on the Motion Tracker. The only way to prevent the approaching swarm is to shoot the aliens in the pop bumper area.

If the aliens start getting too close, they will cut the power and you will loose the function of the upper flippers. To re-active the flippers you will have to shoot the power target, once the approaching Aliens have been forced back to a position BEFORE the power was cut to that flipper. If the aliens get right to the bottom of the tracker, all flippers will be lost and your ball will be over.

Dropping all EGGS targets activates the Spinner Combo award. The Spinner Combo can also be activated by hitting the Skill Shot trigger at the start of each ball.
Version 1.02

- updated gameroom with better lighting and Predator and Aliens cabs.
- added ball rolling sounds.
- updated the DMD display with graphics.
- replaced plunger with T2-style gun grip.
- fixed minor graphical errors on pinball cabinet art.
- improved physics.
- added HUD on/off key.

The gameroom is optional. If you don't want to see it just untick the ornaments bit in the options.
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