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Alphanumeric Display Tutorial

Support File Tutorial Alphanumeric Display Tutorial v2.1 (fixed) 2020-01-28

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by Wizards_Hat

In the vpforums original table contest I designed an Alphanumeric Display with a simple command structure. This table is designed to help others use the same system in original tables. Very little understanding of coding is required to use it.
This tutorial can be used in different ways...

Firstly you can just literally copy the required parts of the script and table objects and use the display commands without needing to know how any of it works, other than the commands needed to place messages in the display.

The script indicates the 2 sub routines you will need to change for your table (otherwise you'll end up with the example messages I have included here). There is also an indication line in the script that shows you what you can ignore.

After that, if you wish to know how it works, the script is (hopefully) commented enough for you to find that out - though if you have any questions please ask.

[updated 29/1/11 - fixed renamed varible bug which meant right justify didn't work]
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