Amazon Hunt (Gottlieb, 1983) VP8

VP8 Gottlieb SS Recreation Amazon Hunt (Gottlieb, 1983) VP8 v1.0 (R) (rob046_Mod) 2020-01-28

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Amazon Hunt (Gottlieb, 1983) VP8 v1.0 (R) (rob046_Mod)
by rob046 Mod (Desktruk & Luvthatapex)
IPD No. 66

This version of Amazon Hunt is made possible by Destruk & LTA's permission to mod. I had actually pretty much finished this table back in '06, but am just releasing it now with a few '08 changes.
Thus, FYI, this table was built with VP7, not the latest VP8...if that matters to anyone.
Also a big thanks to joke0 who helped me a ton back in '06 providing myself with tons of good info on how the table should look & play because I didn't have great resources and a lot of photoshop was needed. Also thanks to Joke0 for somehow finding an Amazon Hunt manual, which at the time was a great find because we never had one previously.
Thanks to those who also chipped in with some feedback. Gravitar, Destruk, LTA, UncleGrog, & possibly others I'm forgetting.
Thanks to Black & Randy for VP, and Randy for sticking with this loveable dinosaur of a program and continuing to improve it! Big thanks to the PinMame guys for all of the great & hard work they have done over the years.

Note from Xenonph:
This table needs to be played using VP6. The display is messed up when using VP8.
Find VP6.exe here..
If you have display problems with any older VP8 tables, try playing them with VP6 and 99% of the time it will fix your display problems.

Amazon Hunt Rules

Completing A-B-C and left target bank, lights left hole for Special.
Completing A-B-C and right target bank, lights right hole for Special.
When lit, hole scores Special.

Extra Ball...
Completing A-B-C lights top center rollover. When lit, rollover scores extra ball.

Bonus Multiplier...
Completing A-B-C advances multiplier. Last ball-in-play lights 2x, advances to 3x with A-B-C.

Spot targets, drop targets, and rollovers advance bonus when lit.

Hitting both the 100 point spot switches (behind drop targets) and 10 point spot switches (in the rubber above each kicker) will change which "Add Bonus" light is lit.
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