American Idol Season 7 (Original)

VP8 EM Original Table American Idol Season 7 (Original) v1.0 2020-01-28

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American Idol , Season 7 (Original) v1.0
by Rick2006

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This table is an attempt to recreate what you might
expierience if YOU had to produce the


The stage is dark, the top 11 Idol contestants as well
as the 3 Judges are center stage, and have spot lights
shining on them. You are just moments away
from the start of tonights show.

Simon Cowell wants YOU to produce the show tonight. ! ! !

You are sitting in the production booth
listening to the show sounds as well as all of the
booth noise. (Pinball and Show Sounds.)
It is your job to produce a show that pleases the
3 Judges, Simon, Paula, and Randy. The TV audiance also
wants to see a show that is produced well. You have to
make the contestants look and sound good !

The 3 Judges do not yet have confidence in your
abilitiy to produce the show, (Play Great Pinball.),,,
So, during the show, when the ball gets close to them on the playfield they will all try to gain control of the ball
and affect your ability to produce a great show.
( Hint,,,Spin Discs.)
Simon has weak , predictable control, but both Randy and Paula can be quite ruthless. Be carefull !!!!

If You produce a great looking and sounding
American Idol show, (By playing Great Pinball) You will keep TV viewers watching and voting. (Lots of points)

If you fail,,, the Game will be over.

Remember that the singing performance might be good,
but if you screw up the production side of things Simon
will not be happy, Both the singing and the voting will stop. LOOK OUT !!!!!! ,,,,Next Ball, try harder to play your best!

After the Show is over Simon Cowell will tell you what
he thinks about your Pinball (Production) Skills.
Simon will most likely insult your poor pinball play.
He will give a different insult every 100,000 votes. (Points)
If you score over 1,000,000 votes
you might earn praise from Simon.

EASTER EGG ,,,,,,,,,,! ! ! ! !

Simon Cowell invited a cast member of Monty Python to
perform an inspirational on stage Encore Song.

Silly him,,,, he did not listen closely, and thought the show was all about him. He thought the show was called

The amERICan IDLE Show ! ! !

After you have played the game and Simon has
ripped you a new one, you might be a bit sad.
Eric Idle sings an Encore song to try to cheer you up a bit.
(Only those of you with patience will hear it. :)


Try to light up each of the Four Red Diamond Lights,
Then send a ball into the purple kicker or over a purple
light for either a free multiball or large point (vote) score.

Here is how to do it ! ! ! ! !

First time around, get a free multiball.

1) Left Inner Lane, Send your ball over David Archuleta
and his fellow singers on the left to light up a possible
free multiball. ( Hit the tiny red lights under each of the 5 Idols on the left).Then shoot for the left Inner lane.

2) Right Inner Lane,, same as #1 but shoot for tiny blue
lights on the right. This is the David Cook Group.

(Amanda is the biker chick at the very bottom. She did
not make the top 10 so hitting her button only awards
1 point. I just wanted to put her in my game.

3) Dropping all targets in the middle of the playfield lights
the upper left Red Diamond. Shoot for the purple kicker.
The back row of targets begin to reset after 60 seconds,
so timing is critical here.

4) Send the ball through all 5 top upper lanes.
This lights 5 blinking stars and then the top Red Flashing Diamond.
Sink the ball in the purple kicker at the middle top of the table to get a free multiball.

Second time around ,,,,,,,,,,,,
When there are 2 balls on the playfield,,,,,,,

earn 50,000 votes (points) instead of a free multiball.

Light up the table same as above, except
when you have 2 balls on the playfield you will be awarded
50,000 votes (points) and hear a trumpet fanfare.
This helps you to advance to a new Simon insult at
the end of the game.


Press 1 to start the game.

Press 3 to turn off music during game play.

Press 4 to Play another of 15 songs during game play.
(This will only work well if you D/L all Game Music.)

This Table allows a maximum of only 2 balls
on the playfield at any time.

When 2 balls are in play you
DO NOT get another free multiball, but instead can be
awarded 50,000 Points (Votes)

There is ONE MORE IMPORTANT WAY to score big votes (points)
Drop all 10 Targets at the top to receive 100,000 votes.
This is the best way to advance to a new Simon Insult.

Most Targets will reset after a short amount of time
so choose carefully where you want to aim!

Other fun surprises when you play the game ! ! !

So,,,,,,,, GO and Play The Game ! ! !

Thanks to the following VP Forum members
for helping me with my table.

Bob 5453 and Shockman, Helped early and

wtiger, his tutorial is what got me working on my own table.

TheHermit, Help with timers and drop targets.

Steve Oz, explained how to work with
music files.

flipperfingers, gave me advice on how to make my table more fun to play,

Kinsey gave advice on how to do scoring.

I could not have done this table without
all of the great tutorials that I D/L from the
Pinball Nirvana website. The tutourial about
spindiscs was most helpful. Thanks to Bendigo
and Marl for the spindisc code.

Thank You All ! ! ! !

One final note,,,My Table is Free to MOD!
I hope that someone will take my table
to the next level. ! ! !
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