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Amok Harvest (Original) VP8

VP8 SS Original Table Amok Harvest (Original) VP8 v1.13 (OCT 2005) FINAL

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Amok Harvest (Original) VP8 v1.13 (OCT 2005) FINAL

This one's themed as a pleasant, farm-like experience (the pastoral, original music really makes that work), but it's also quite a "wolf in sheep's clothing," as the game is quite tricky, or even brutally unforgiving. Definitely a real challenge for the hardcore pin-head out there!

I think if I was going to mod the table (mainly to make it a bit friendlier): 1) I'd sync the top-right and top-left reversed flippers to the right and left flipper keys, respectively (you'll understand after you play the table); 2) I wouldn't reset the 'breakout area' after every ball, and 3) I'd probably add a center pin between the flippers.

Agree / disagree? --Ike
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