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Solid State Machines
Angels and Demons, by Anthias

drop four "good" targets to light the angel drain for fifteen seconds.

drop the four "evil" targets to light the demon drain for fifteen seconds.

drain while lit to recruit a soul for that side. (ball is lost while drain not lit. Fast balls may fly through to the main drain, a skillfull player will ease their passing.)

Once you total ten recruited for both sides combined, the battle for humanity begins! All ten are launched for a massive multiball event.

Early release is possible for a smaller event

hit the looping channel behind the left bumper to light the trapped ball, hit that and have the trapped ball strike the kicker behind it to release all angels recruited.

Drop the three red demon targets to reveal the kicker behind them and hit that to release all demon recruits.

shoot the ramps to light all four lights on them, then a fifth time to double scoring on some items for that side, eg the target banks.

light the four looping channels, two left and two right of table, to set the lights on the tight loop flashing, shoot it while flashing for an additional 25k.

Shoot that same loop in turn to light one, then the other light, then a third time to launch a single head to head battle between one angel one demon multiball event for 25k (launched in addition to the ball in play)

Shoot the scattered targets to light spinners for five times scoring. (150 normally, now 750)

in out lanes all lit for ball saver.

top lanes all lit for bonus multiplier.

flippers cycle lane lights.

Music: Xenon Sentry by Shane Ivers - (The Best Free Music!)
Music: The Gatekeepers by Shane Ivers - (The Best Free Music!)
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