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Argosy (Williams, 1977) VP921

VP9 Williams EM Recreation Argosy (Williams, 1977) VP921 2021-11-07

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Argosy (Williams, 1977) by Luvthatapex
IPDB No. 84
2,052 units (confirmed)​
Boats - Nautical - Ships - Water​
Notable Features:
Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (2), Slingshots (3), Rollover buttons (2), 4-bank drop targets (1), Kick-out hole (1), Spinning target (1), Left outlane detour gate. End-of-ball bonus.

Replay wheel maximum: 37

Sound: 3 chimes, knocker
Design by:
'Argosy' is the last 4-player EM produced by Williams.

Price to Distributor: $970.00​
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