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AtmosFear (Original) VP8

VP8 SS Original Table AtmosFear (Original) VP8 v2

No permission to download
A table based on the DVD/Boardgame of the same name using the Rockinghorse Demonstration Table as a starting point.

Complete Blue Targets to light Blue Lock
Complete Red Targets to light Red Lock
Shoot ramp to release multiball
During multiball, shoot ramp to score jackpot.
Complete Green Targets and channel to open kickback on left
Complete inlanes once to light outlanes for 5000 points
Complete inlanes twice to light Play On
Hit loop around upper left (from multiplier lanes) to score value in field sign
Loop score increases by 1000 for each loop.
Complete five loops to light loop triggers to score 500 each, up from 50
Complete upper channels to increase bonus multiplier
Hit centre target to activate bumper 10x multiplier for fifteen seconds
Hit centre ramp kicker to activate ball saver for ten seconds
Text box on right to show event details
Press 5 to enter credits. Hit 5 once for each player up to four
Press 1 to start play

Enjoy playing "AtmosFear"
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Ilike the theme and I'd love to see an updated version of this, but the graphics are atrocious. Sorry.
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