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Attack & Revenge from Mars (Bally) VP9.1x

VP9 Bally SS Recreation Attack & Revenge from Mars (Bally) VP9.1x v2.3 [DT&FS]

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Attack & Revenge from Mars VP9.1x v2.3 [DT&FS]
Attack From Mars..
IPD No. 3781
Revenge From Mars..
IPD No. 4446

I got the idea of the table during my vacation in Mallorca. Five days of hard work in photoshop and the result, you can download here.

The table uses the ROM from Attack from Mars and many graphics from Revenge from Mars. I had to make some changes to suit the ROM, but I think the table plays harder than the original AFM while keeping everything (targets, lights, modes). You'll notice that many things have changed places and the layout is as close as I could get to the Revenge from Mars table.
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  1. Updated to the VP9 version

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