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Avatar (Stern, 2010) ULTIMATE

Stern SS Recreation FP Avatar (Stern, 2010) ULTIMATE v1.01 Physics 2.6

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by francisco666, lacarril, SLAMT1LT
at 2014-01-06
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Stern Electronics, Incorporated (1977-1984), Chicago, Illinois, USA
Tradename Stern
Date 2010-08-27
IPD No. 5618

FP Physics 2.6

' ** ULTIMATE Edition 1.01 **

' added new mechanical sounds

' improved physics

' added end of ball bonus skip (press both flippers)

' AMP Multiball progression is no longer reset for a new ball

' ball saver timer extended

' minor improvements to graphics

' minor improvements to layout

' ** Version 1.05 **

' fixed AMP Multiball still not reaching Stage 3 (Super Jackpot and Col Quaritch defeat)

' fixed The Bond activating during NAVI Scoring which would reset the arrow lights

' fixed Seeds Mode arrow not flashing when mode is ready

' fixed 3rd Skill Shot lane not awarding Skill Shot bonus

' magnet now has 3 random release timers

' adjusted Right Orbit exit so the ball will land on the Right Fipper and not hit the slingshot

' the AMP Suit Toy is now fully animated

' ** Version 1.04 **

' added 2 new clips

' fixed Shoot Again prompt not showing on backglass DMD

' fixed orbit shots so a left loop only activates left orbit and vice versa

' fixed a few sounds overlapping and playing in the wrong places

' finished coding for Link Multiball. 3 stages: clear Jackpots, Lock Ball, Hit Locked ball for Super Jackpot

' added option for player to choose colour of balls in game - silver or blue (default is silver)

' Hitting the Eywa Captive ball during Ride-A-Banshee Mode now adds extra time (5 seconds)

' Left and Right Outlanes quotes no longer play during an active multiball mode

' NAVI Targets now reset during an active mode

' fixed AMP Multiball not progressing to stage 3 - Super Jackpot

' fixed Link Mulitball Mode starting during Bomber and Banshee Modes

' Varous other tweeks to some of the modes

' ** Version 1.03 **

' added clip for highest score

' added new clip to Bomber Battle mode

' fixed Skill Shot not awarding after 3 successfull shot

' added popup that blocks the AMP Suit when AMP Multiball is ready (Player must hit the magnet)

' High Score entry is now after the match sequence so the bonus points can be added to the score

' fixed and improved reward for collecting all seeds

' added more sound clips

' improved some mechanical sounds

'** Version 1.02 **

' fixed DMD not resetting when new player joins a game

' fixed NAVI Scoring timer not stopping when ball drained

' added missing ball plunger sounds when ball is saved

' fixed Seed Mode starting during Banshee Mode

' added flag which keeps a running tally of all active modes

' fixed completing all Character Lights would do nothing

' fixed and improved Na'vi Multiball Mode

' fixed ball not exiting Link Kicker when hit during an active mode

' fixed Shoot Again Light so it stays lit when Extra Ball is won

' added Extra Ball animation and sounds when won

' added Special animation and sounds when won

' fixed Bonus X lights not functioning correctly

' improved attract mode lighting

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