Baby Pac-Man (Bally, 1982) VP8

VP8 Bally SS Recreation Baby Pac-Man (Bally, 1982) VP8 v3.3 2020-01-28

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Baby Pac-Man (Bally, 1982) VP8 v3.3
Authors: David Britten, Kristian, Steve Ellenoff, PD
IPD No. 125

First, a good hint to get super points: Collect the energizers on the left side and shoot the ball to the left kicker to get to the video game part.

Then go waiting right below the tunnel entrance and trick the ghosts to the tunnel. Then get the energizer and eat 'em all. From this you get 32 thousand points. It doesn't work very well if you haven't collected "Tunnel Speed" from the right outlane. You should have at least tunnel speed 3-4 to get this trick working. Then go to the middle of the maze where the fruit appears (if you have earned banana you get 50K each time). Then just go back to the pinball table, get the energizers and do it again. My high score in the real machine was over 4 mil when I used this trick continuously. It works very well in this VPM version too. Already got over 2 million points.

This trick doesn't work in the 3rd maze. The game actually has only 3 different mazes, but they change colors, and the seventh maze has invisible walls. Happy eating. :)

The ENERGIZERS feature:
Energizer is earned when:
Spelling PACMAN, which is accomplished by knocking down a drop target for one letter, or a loop ball for two letters, after an energizer has been spotted.

The FRUITS feature:
Spelling FRUITS qualifies the maze for a fruit and the following ten after every time fruits is spelled out. Making fruits also lites the spot center arrow light.

The TUNNEL feature:
Spelling TUNNEL qualifies the maze for open side tunnels. Spelling tunnel then after will speed up Pacman through the tunnel. Up to 8 different speed levels are available. No. 1-8 are displayed by the tunnel to indicate the qualified speed.

Dip Switch #8 Tunnel qualified at start of game
On: Liberal / Off: Conservative

The SAUCER feature:
Making saucer lites the appropriate spinner, the evens-up lane and spots a FRUITS or TUNNEL letter. Making saucer when flashing will switch the game over to the maze.

The EXTRA BABY feature:
Knocking down the center target:
1st time scores 500 points and starts the 7 seconds timer
2nd time scores 2000 points and starts the 6 seconds timer
3rd time scores 4000 points and starts the 5 seconds timer
4th time scores 8000 points and starts the 4 seconds timer
5th time scores 8000 points and starts the 3 seconds timer
6th time scores 10K and Extra Ball
Beating the high score to date also awards the extra ball.

Dip Switch #6 Memory for center arrow Pacman to Pacman
On: Liberal / Off: Conservative

Dip Switch #24 Playfield drain keeps center arrows
On: Liberal / Off: Conservative

The game starts on the maze and ends on it. A total of 3 Pacmen are available at the start of the game. At the start of each Pacman both escapes are open. The feature earned on the pin is not lost if Pacman is eaten.

When eaten the monsters, values are as follows:
One: 2000
Two: 4000
Three: 8000
Four 16K

Completing the maze 1st time spots a center arrow and scores 10K. 2nd time spots a center arrow and scores 20K. 3rd time spots a center arrow and scores 30K and awards a special. 4th time spots a center arrown and scores 40K. 5th time spots a center arrow and scores 50K.

Dip Switch #22 Special given upon completion of X mazes
On: Switch 23 valid / Off: X = 3

Dip Switch #23 X-Mazes
On: X = 5 / Off: X = 4

Making the left or right saucer will indicate from which escape Pacman enters the maze. The other one is closed.

A total of eight fruits are available. A new fruit is to appear every time FRUITS is spelled out.

Cherry 1000 points
Strawberry 3000 points
Peach 5000 points
Apple 7000 points
Pear 10000 points
Orange 20000 points
Watermelon 30000 points
Banana 50000 points

The dot is worth 100 points and each energizer is worth 500 points.

Dip Switch #15 Energizer recall Pac to Pac
On: Liberal / Off: Conservative


Dip Switch #14 after a ball is ejected 3 times without scoring the ball is lost
On: Liberal / Off: Conservative

Dip Switch #16 the pin operates without the video
On: Liberal / Off: Conservative

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