Back To The Future (Data East, 1990)

Recreation Back To The Future (Data East, 1990) ULTIMATE Pro 1.02

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Notes: The screenshots actually correspond to an older version. This "Ultimate Pro" version has expanded video built in, which will appear near the DMD. The table doesn't require a ROM, but does require the latest version of BAM. The Mediafire download link will appear under "Available Downloads" at SLAMT1LT's linked homepage. --@Ike Savage

I decided to create a single version of the game rather than 2 versions. Now everyone who plays this game can see the fully working Time Circuits! If you do find a bug in this or any of my games, please send me an email and let me know. --@SLAMT1LT

** Back To The Future ULTIMATE Pro 1.02 **

- fixed timer crash bug
- fixed Time Travel starting during Clock Tower Hurry Up
- fixed ball sticking in plunger lane during multiball
- fixed some minor lighting issues
- fixed some minor DMD issues
- added more quotes
- added 2 new songs: 'Can't Drive 55' Sammy Hager and 'Hip To Be Square' Huey Lewis
- Rule Change: only 1 Extra Ball can be won at a time. If already won, 5m points are awarded instead (the game is too easy otherwise)
- Rule Change: Buy-In is capped at 15m for any score over 50m
- improved some timers
- added lights to Deloreon toy
- improved and added more LCD graphics
- removed 'Speedometer' and 'Plutonium Chamber' HUD overlays
- added new time zone and new mission - 1985 alternative
- Rule Change: Delorean toy will now only disappear with fire tracks if speed is above 40 mph
- fixed some quotes playing at the wrong times
- improved Combo shots
- added more movie clips
- improved playfield artwork
- added bump mapping to ramp texture and spinning discs
- improved Hoverboard mission
- fixed balls per game not changing when selected with right flipper
- added more info to 'Mission Status' when ball in plunger lane
- improved sequences for any high score (top ten)
- slightly improved geometry of right ramp, allowing for wider right loop shot
- fixed left loop (clock) registering a hit from right loop when gate hit
- New Rule: added Bonus Challenge to end of ball bonus awards
- improved apron artwork
- Delorean toy now changes to flying Delorean when in 2015
- improved 'fire track' effect when ball launches
- improved Delorean toy animation
- added more toys which only appear in specific time zones
- New Feature: Biff's Cash Dash
- moved Time Circuits to backbox and moved LCD to back wall
- removed animated backglass
- added bulbs to Time Circuits
- improved attract sequence
- improved Flux Capacitor functionality
- removed back wall speedometer and placed it next to plunger lane
- added bump mapping to all new toys and back wall texture
- improved some mechanical sounds
- minor improvements to physics and geometry
- added more songs: 'Earth Angel' and 'Mr Sandman' (the authentic movie versions)
- added retro music from the Data East BTTF pinball game
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