Bally Apron (pre1979)(Star trek xse example)

Bally Apron (pre1979)(Star trek xse example) 2021-01-02

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This is the older "Bally Man" style apron used by Bally for EM and early Solid State games.
Taken from Star Trek xse, this is now available for use by everyone as a update to the shivaArchives. This download includes the .jpeg final version and the master .psd file that you can modify to suit your needs.

For Photoshop users, everything is sorted into groups, and most layers use custom styles so modification is quite easier to do. You can very easily change the main colors of the apron, and replace the instruction cards etc.

Note this uses a "Mask" effect that also becomes the black portion of the apron for those who like to learn new tricks with photoshop. You can adjust the Opacity and fill on the layer (Colored purple in the "Layers" window in the view settings) if you want to lighten the image, as well you can adjust the lighting effects with the light-shadows-mask group.

The image size is 1994 x 769 so is very suitable to higher res tables like 4k.
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