Band Wagon (Bally, 1965) by pinballParade

Bally EM Recreation FP Band Wagon (Bally, 1965) by pinballParade v1.0 Final

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by Leon Spalding, pinballParade
at 2013-02-09
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Bally Manufacturing Corporation (1931-1983)
Tradename Bally
Date 1965
IPD No. 163

Ok, here is my final version of Leon's Band Wagon.

* BW_Large uses large textures and has a custom game room.

* BW_CAB includes both large textures and small (in folder).

* BW_Small uses standard sized textures and no game room.

A big thank you goes out to kaiser47 for the wheel art. I did make the band font a little smaller on the version I am including here… But I very much appreciate the effort and I like kaiser47’s idea. Thank you Smile

Changes from RC2:

* Changed tilt handler from tree to loop...

* Smoothed out some minor drawing issues (please replace old graphic library).

* Raised power to the flippers, slings, and bottom pop-bumper one notch.

* Closed some of the gap between flippers and posts (still not tight enough but better)...

* Raised top button so light no longer shines through when depressed.

* Fixed my amber bulbs from showing white through plastics before turning off.

* Fixed the fork in tilt/drain that could let you enter the same high score twice.

* Encased credits into sub... to stop some unexpected behavior and maxed credits to 9.
Band Wagon (Bally 1965) 4 players
IPD # 163
Design by Ted Zale
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