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Basket Bounce (Smethport, 1987) [toy] VP9

VP9 Flipperless Recreation Basket Bounce (Smethport, 1987) [toy] VP9 v1.0

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By druadic for VP9.

Basket Bounce is a simple little cardboard-backed game. But itfs also one of the most challenging and addictive games I have ever played. Will plans to do a series of these games, made by Smethport in the 1980s, several that he remembers playing. The back of the game says to play until you make 10 out of 10 baskets, but Ifm not sure if thatfs possible. But with March Madness a week and a half away, this is a timely and fun challenge. Smethport probably got lots of youngsters in the 80s interested in pinball-type games, such as my buddy druadic.

Hit the spacebar to remove the rules screen.
Enter to start.

Press 1 for a one player game: Once the score reaches 20 (or ten shots) the game is over.

Press 2 for a TWO player game: Players take turns shooting for points. If a player misses a shot, it's the next player's turn until they miss a shot.

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