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Batman 66 (Stern 2016) VPX

VPX Stern SS Recreation Batman 66 (Stern 2016) VPX v1.0 [Demo] 2020-01-28

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Batman 66 (Stern 2016) VPX [Demo]
IPD No. 6355

This is a playable mock-up of Batman 66, including a crane model by the artist "Dark," with classic Batman sounds & samples from the TV series. The game works with Visual Pinball 10. VPinMAME is not required.
  • This is version 1.0 and may need adjusting. Strange ball slowdown happens to the left of the table.
  • For an accurate look, install the included font before playing the game.
  • Bonus art is included, available in the editor.
  • Includes a simple animated DMD for atmosphere.
  • Also includes a darker playfield. Just change "PlayfieldFixed" to "PlayfieldDark" in the editor.

[Edits by @Ike Savage]
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Is there a cab version of this ?
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Anyone have a POV to Share for this table please? Thanks
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  • Version: 2020-01-28
awesome thanks
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plays excellent thanks: appl:
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Classic Batman. VPX.
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