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Bazaar (Bally, 1966) VP921 by OkkIoI (Oscar)

VP9 Bally EM Recreation Bazaar (Bally, 1966) VP921 by OkkIoI (Oscar) 2021-10-01

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Bazaar (Bally1966) vp9.21 by okkIoI
IPDB No. 201
2,925 units (confirmed)​
World Places​
Notable Features:
ZIPPER FLIPPERS (2), Pop bumpers (3), Mushroom bumpers (6), Slingshots (2), Upper ball return gate, Skill shot from shooter lane.

Maximum displayed point score is 9,999 points.

Replay wheel maximum: 25

Sound: 1 bell, knocker
Design by:
Art by:
Also made in an Add-a-ball version for export to Italy.

'Bazaar' was the first game to use zipper flippers, invented by Joe Lally, Ted Zale, and Terry Reedy.​

Bazaar VP921.jpg
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