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Big Hit (Exhibit, 1946)

EM Flipperless Recreation FP Big Hit (Exhibit, 1946) v1.0

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Electro-Mechanical Machines
Big Hit (Exhibit, 1946) v1.0
IPD No. 251

Date Of Manufacture:
February, 1946​
Electro-mechanical (EM) [?]
Serial Number Database:
Girls - Glamour - Pageantry - Women​
Flipperless [?]
Notable Features:
1 to 4 coins can be inserted to play. Scoring bumpers (13), Kick-out hole (1). Backglass measures 21 by 21 inches.​
The Billboard ad shown here indicates this game was available in two models, Multiple or Straight. We presume that "Multiple" means more than one coin can be inserted before start of game and that "Straight" means only one coin per game. Of the pictures already presented to us, we don't know which model they are or how to tell the difference between models. We have no good images of the coin door for this game, if a difference would be found there.​
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